365 Days of Creativity & Growth


While 2011 marks the business as 4 years old, April 28th, 2011, marks the one year anniversary of taking Wylee Designs to the next level. By becoming 100% self-employed and leaving my previous employment, I am able to grow the business and do what I love everyday!

The last 365 days have been filled with creativity, dedication, and hope. {I swear only a few days have been stressful.} 🙂 … Not a day has gone by that I questioned my decision to take Wylee Designs onward and upward. The energy from my clients gives me the eagerness to continue without an ounce of hesitation, and for that I need to thank them all! Without my clients, vendors, and (of course) fans, Wylee Designs would not be where it is today.

Wylee Designs Today

In the last year alone, Wylee Designs’ ever growing client list has increased from 50 to 85 clients, and the project list has swollen to 54 current projects! All of these numbers show me how much the business is growing, and how grateful I am to those who have helped.

Wylee Designs Tomorrow

There are many upgrades to Wylee Designs on the horizon, including expanding with a project manager {more details to come}, but today I wanted to focus on the last 365 days of growth, and some of the projects that filled those days.

Thank you to all of my awesome clients, my reliable vendors, and my always supportive fans. To me, you will always be a part of Wylee Designs!

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