Bootstrap Marketing, Part 1

These days, every business’ budget is shrinking and we have to start getting more creative with how we are marketing ourselves. This series will cover marketing techniques geared towards small – mid sized business, that won’t drain your wallet. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, these are tips that every business could apply to their marketing effort!


1. Have amazing customer service:

Nothing attracts customers more than positive word of mouth from other customers. Customer service is your biggest weapon against the competition, especially those run by big corporations. Make it a central part of your business. Find out what qualities are most important to your target audience, and create a promise to be that quality (quick, friendly, helpful), every time they contact you.

2. Create “Top 10 reasons to choose YOU”

Here is a chance to stand out. Instead of leaving business cards or other promotional material at a business or in someone’s email box, create a list of the top 10 reasons why the prospect should choose your company. Make them 100% true, humorous and memorable.

3. Have fresh content on your website:

Adding new and up-to-date content will encourage people to return to the website to read more about you, and will increase your ranking with Google. You don’t need lots of specialist knowledge about search engine marketing for this. Just keep adding new pages with fresh content. Make a commitment to add one new page a week and you will be surprised by how much extra traffic you get after a few months. A great way to have this content be organized is to have your blog be installed within your website.

4. Don’t be afraid to Blog:

Many people think that they can’t or don’t have anything to blog about. That’s not true! Any business can write and share stories of what they do, how they do it, and tips for their clients. It’s a great way to get relevant content onto your site. A good blog can help to brand you and your business as experts in the field. Make a goal to write a post at least once a month. Much of the most popular blogging technology, such as Blogger or WordPress is free.

5. Do Guest Blogging:

Figure out the top bloggers in your related industry and/or area. Reach out to these people, pitch them on some article ideas you’d like to write, and (hopefully) write these articles for them. If you write a thoughtful piece, then these bloggers will be happy to publish your work as well as attribute to you/your business. Bloggers are always looking for fresh content. Create connections with several bloggers, and allow them to write articles for you to share on your blog. [If you’re interested in exchanging articles… drop me a line!]

This article is the beginning of a new “Bootstrap Marketing” series…

So be sure to check back soon!


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