The What, Why & How of Backlinks


Backlinks are links originating from one website and pointing to another website or webpage. Search engines, such as Google, use the number of backlinks to a website as one of the most important factors in determining a website’s rank, popularity, and importance. Good backlinks will help increase traffic to your website and could set you apart from other websites that offer similar content as yours.


When a search engine is calculating the factors that decide where your website will be ranked, it’s the number of quality backlinks that matters most. The way to determine if a backlink is a quality link is to look at the relevancy of a where the link is coming from related to your website. For example, a link coming from a sporting goods store to your website that is information about your law firm that specializes in real estate would not be considered a quality link. Links from a website that has articles about how to find a lawyer for a real estate transaction, listings for real estate, or a blog about real estate, would be a quality link since they share a similar thread.


Start off by creating backlinks from an array of sources. Sign up for a website that posts articles on a number of topics, and post an article about as aspect of your business with information on how to access your website to get more information. Do a guest appearance on a blog. Bloggers are always looking for colleagues to do posts on their blog for a change for their readers. Post an article or talk about a subject and encourage the reader to follow back to your website for more information. Reference your website or your blog on your social media posts. Do a review of a related company or product and use your website in your signature. These are just a few ideas and many more can be found by doing a simple Google search.


Are you are interested in a more personalized description on how to better backlink your website? Contact us and we can compile a list of recommended ways to enhance your website.


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