The What, Why & How of Backlinks


Backlinks are links originating from one website and pointing to another website or webpage. Search engines, such as Google, use the number of backlinks to a website as one of the most important factors in determining a website’s rank, popularity, and importance. Good backlinks will help increase traffic to your website and could set you apart from other websites that offer similar content as yours.


When a search engine is calculating the factors that decide where your website will be ranked, it’s the number of quality backlinks that matters most. The way to determine if a backlink is a quality link is to look at the relevancy of a where the link is coming from related to your website. For example, a link coming from a sporting goods store to your website that is information about your law firm that specializes in real estate would not be considered a quality link. Links from a website that has articles about how to find a lawyer for a real estate transaction, listings for real estate, or a blog about real estate, would be a quality link since they share a similar thread.


Start off by creating backlinks from an array of sources. Sign up for a website that posts articles on a number of topics, and post an article about as aspect of your business with information on how to access your website to get more information. Do a guest appearance on a blog. Bloggers are always looking for colleagues to do posts on their blog for a change for their readers. Post an article or talk about a subject and encourage the reader to follow back to your website for more information. Reference your website or your blog on your social media posts. Do a review of a related company or product and use your website in your signature. These are just a few ideas and many more can be found by doing a simple Google search.


Are you are interested in a more personalized description on how to better backlink your website? Contact us and we can compile a list of recommended ways to enhance your website.


5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Ranking

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Google Ranking

Website Design Monroe WIDo you want to rank #1 on Google, Yahoo! and other search engine sites? Unfortunately, you’ll need more than just good luck to do so. Most website developers will include a very basic system in your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But there are many other productive things you can do to your website to increase your ranking. Some of these things require a graphic designer, or someone who has knowledge of HTML code, but there are many things you can do on your own! Here are, what I believe to be, the top 5 ways you can increase your website’s ranking with little to no help from a professional:

1. Choose your Keywords:

What a user enters into the Google search box is considered a keyword or keyword phrase. Developing keywords for your website is the MOST important step in increasing your ranking with Google. Here is a simplified way to choose your keywords:

Define your website: What is your website about? Insurance? Business services? Handmade candles? Once you’ve pinpointed your main topic, it’s time to research your additional keywords.

Choose keywords based off your topic: A great tool to find keywords is the Google Keyword Tool. ( This tool gives you an estimate of monthly keyword search volume across the Google network of sites. You can research a potential keyword to decide if there is enough demand for that phrase. If no one uses that keyword while searching, then it’s not a keyword you’ll want to use. Keywords are prime real estate on your website, but it’s important to know that the more keywords you add, the less impact each one of them has individually. I recommend developing only 10-12 keyword phrases for a website. Once you have chosen your keywords, it’s time to update them on your site.

Hint: There is an easy way to see what your competitors are using for keywords on their websites. While visiting their sites, go up to “View” on your browser, and select “Source”. The keywords will be in the first few lines of code like this:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Chamber, Industry, Commerce, Business, Monroe, Wisconsin, WI, Economic Development, South Central”>

2. Showcase Your Keywords:

Now that you have chosen your website’s keywords, make sure you use them. Not only will your website use them in the HTML code (above), but you will also want to use them in your website’s content, and anywhere on the internet where your company and website URL are listed. For example, the Monroe Chamber might incorporate their keywords (above) in their website’s content by adding: “The Monroe Chamber of Commerce works with local businesses in south central Wisconsin to grow their business, while increasing the region’s economic development.” Search engines LOVE keyword repetition, so try to incorporate them whenever possible – while still keeping the content compelling to the visitor. I know it’s a lot to think about, but no one said increasing your Google ranking was easy! Relax, if done correctly, you will only have to do this once.

3. Start a Blog:

Building your own blog is easy and provides a significant boost to your SEO efforts over time. What better way to showcase your expertise on your business than writing articles on a blog? When potential clients visit your blog, from a link on your website (hint, hint), they will find you very knowledgeable on your subject matter, building trust in you and your company. One thing you’ll find about starting your own blog is that blogging is both simple and fun!

Select a Blog Provider: There are several companies that offer free blogs. I recommend either or because they are the two largest, and the easiest to use. Once your blog is up and running, place a link from your website’s homepage to your blog. Linking the websites together is what will increase your website’s ranking over time.

4. Link Sharing:

Link sharing is a very important key to improving your ranking, yet not many people take the time to do so. So here is an opportunity to get a leg up on the competition! When I mention “link sharing” I am referring to placing another company’s website URL link on your website (usually under a “Links” page), while that company does the same with your URL on their website. Before asking any site for link sharing, you’ll want to develop a links page on your own website. After you’ve created a page to place links on, it’s time to find some link partners. Contact local businesses and other helpful businesses in your field who you would want your clients to know about.

5. Add Your Website to Directories:

If you’re going to own and operate a website, you should take the time to submit your website to well established website directories. There are plenty of sites out there that list other websites and website details. Doing this will create many links back to your website, that will in turn increase your website’s ranking. Some directories may charge you for your listing, but I recommend submitting to these free directories:




Have Patience.

Website Design Madison WIThis is probably the hardest step in the process. We all want instant results, but increasing your Google ranking isn’t something that is completed overnight. It could take weeks, or months, to see the full benefit from these steps. Also, these 5 steps are just a few among many things you can do to increase your ranking. Most of the other steps will need to be implemented by a professional. But these 5 easy steps will make a huge difference in your SEO just by themselves. Enjoy!